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Villa Filoxenia – Leptokaria summer 2016

Rooms to let Villa Filoxenia :

Filoxenia hotel has a reception (free WiFi) and a large terrace with sitting and talking. Accommodation units are functional and well equipped with TV (satellite RTS 1) and air conditioning. Characteristic apartments and studios for four people is spacious (40m2 and 29m2) and some studios for three persons (mark ZT) terrace is actually a separate room – dining room; 2 × 2m2, with a window. Parking and place of arrival of buses in the immediate vicinity.

We recommend guests and younger and older generations and families with children of all ages.
1/2 studio: two standard beds

1/3 studio ZT: wide (140 cm) and standard bed, glass terrace    1 / 3 Studio: wide and standard bed

1/4 studio: One wide bed  and two standard beds

1/4 apartment in the first room wide bed , and in a second room,  two standard beds

1/5 of apartment in the first room wide bed , and the other rooms  a with wide berth, and standard.

Leptokaria summer 2016
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2 Responses to Villa Filoxenia Leptokaria

  1. Mina Jevremovic says:

    Please let me know how much would cost a studio for two adults and two children (one is 5 years old and the other is a baby)
    in the last week of May?

  2. Mira says:

    How much is for 13.7 1/5 of apartment?

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