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Villa Filoxenia Leptokaria

Villa Filoxenia – Leptokaria summer 2016

Rooms to let Villa Filoxenia :

Filoxenia hotel has a reception (free WiFi) and a large terrace with sitting and talking. Accommodation units are functional and well equipped with TV (satellite RTS 1) and air conditioning. Characteristic apartments and studios for four people is spacious (40m2 and 29m2) and some studios for three persons (mark ZT) terrace is actually a separate room – dining room; 2 × 2m2, with a window. Parking and place of arrival of buses in the immediate vicinity.

We recommend guests and younger and older generations and families with children of all ages.
1/2 studio: two standard beds

1/3 studio ZT: wide (140 cm) and standard bed, glass terrace    1 / 3 Studio: wide and standard bed

1/4 studio: One wide bed  and two standard beds

1/4 apartment in the first room wide bed , and in a second room,  two standard beds

1/5 of apartment in the first room wide bed , and the other rooms  a with wide berth, and standard.

Leptokaria summer 2016

Villa Akti Leptokarias

Leptokaria rooms to let

Vila Akti Leptokarias

Villa Acts Leptokarias. This apart hotel is located just minutes walk to the beach, yet away from the city noise. Nearby homes Akti Leptokaris there is a large number of shops, bakeries and shops.

Villa Akti Leptokaris is designed as a hotel, with reception and restaurant . In all studies (17-20m2) and apartment (36m2) is situated TV (satellite RTS 1) and air conditioning, and a nice balcony (as a function of summer dining) overlooking the sea or the Olympus. Accommodation units are located on the first floor.


Month : June July August
Dates : 03.06 13.06 23.06 03.07 13.07. 23.07 02.08 12.08 22.08
1/2 Studio sOLD SOLD 340 390 425 465 465 445 390
1/2+1 Studio SOLD SOLD 365 430 470 510 510 490 420
1/3 Studio SOLD SOD 380 555 595 565 565 545 535

Price is for Studio -Room rent for  10 nights

Payment solution bank transfer or credit card authorization .


Villa Ahilion Leptokaria

Rooms for summer rent in Leptokaria

Villa Ahilion Leptokaria

Achillion Hotel is located 80 m from the beach and surrounded by plane trees.
The villa is large and nicely landscaped yard perfect for a family with children.
We have two, three and four studies, as well as four-bed apartments.
Studio has kitchen, bathroom, balcony and air conditioning  ( daily fee – 4 Euros.)

The villa has free WiFi.

Photo gallery of Villa Ahilion Leptokaria


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